Day 6: Find a Grave

Since today is Halloween, I found this article about how it used to be a time to serve others and how some young men decided to do the same thing, it is called Olden-Days Halloween.  It talks about how in a certain town "people wore special costumes and went around town doing good deeds, such as taking food and clothing to those who needed them."  I love this tradition.  What a great idea… service!  So, for today let's serve our ancestors.  I would like to introduce you to an awesome website called "Find A Grave."  When I first discovered this website a few years ago they had about 62 million grave records.  Today there are over 121 million grave records!  It is a great source to find ancestors, volunteer to take pictures and attach a grave source to our family tree all for free.

Today's task is to go to Find A Grave click on "Search 121 million grave records" on the right hand side.  Then type in just a first and last name.  If you have too many search results and nothing pops up on the first page that might be your ancestor, go back and add a death date.  Once you find a record, see if their is an image of the tombstone.  If not, create an account and "request a picture" to be taken.  Try to look for a grandparent or great grandparent that might of been buried in the United States.  Next, find that same person on your family tree at FamilySearch and attach the record.  You can do this by going to the person's vital records and under the Sources section click on "Create a New Source."  Just add a title and the link from Find A Grave and "Save" it!

Here's my bio on as well.  I haven't posted up anything in awhile and I have a lot of images from cemeteries that I haven't added from when we lived in Pennsylvania, but in case you are curious here's the link to it.

We were just back in Pennsylvania last month and we stopped by a few cemeteries and the Pottstown Historical Society. We went to the cemetery where many of my Potts ancestors are buried.  A few years back, I discovered this small cemetery off the beaten path.  Our amazing youth did a stake youth conference where they came out and helped me clear the area.  You can read about that post on my old family history blog.  Here's a picture of me in front of the old cemetery.  The oldest person is John Potts, who founded Pottstown, son Thomas Potts who died at the end of the 1700s and fought in the Revolutionary War.  The weeds are back, but the peaceful feeling that I felt every time I went to this cemetery is still there.

Potts Cemetery