Day 2: Find a Photo

Have fun on FamilySearch by finding a photo of an ancestor.  The fastest way to do this is to go to "Memories" click on "People" then where it says "Added by Me" click the small arrow and then click "All."  Have fun browsing the photos on your family tree and see if anyone looks like YOU!  Print out this fun worksheet and check off what physical characteristics you might share with your ancestor. 

Family History Photo     FamilySearch Family History Photo

Watch this video about the importance of preserving our memories and learn about "keep me, share me, protect me."  After watching the video talk about what your ancestor would tell you.  Here are some more worksheets and ideas to go along with this video here.


Who do you look like?  Leave us a comment and let us know who your "twin" is or what they might be saying to you.

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