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Ahoy, mateys!  Let’s embark on an ocean of possibilities.  Powerful protection lies just ahead as you search through waves of ancestors and throw them the life line as you treasure their stories.  Catch the spirit of your ancestors and reel in your family tree.   


“All ships are safe in the harbor but that isn’t what ships are built for.”  Set sail on a course of courage and get “all hands on deck” for the ride of a lifetime . . . and beyond the horizon.  Learn how to anchor yourself to Family History.  As soon as you get wind of the concepts, you can catch the wave and enjoy the ride


I fell in love with family history while living in Pennsylvania over 10 years ago, but the buds of family history started at the knees of my grandmother who meticulously would gather family records and uncover the truth of our family tree.


I remember one night while I had just began my journey trying to continue the work my grandmother started, I had a stack of her papers in my hand.  It was a pretty big stack.  I was in the dining room at night while the kids were asleep.  I thought, now where the heck do I begin.  As I began to flip through the pages, I felt a zing go right through my body when I came to a particular page.  I pulled it out and continued to flip through the rest until once again I had that same feeling.  I set both papers aside and began there. 


I have taught family history for the past 10 years and have spoken in many community events encouraging others to find their ancestors from a Historical Society, Women’s City Business Group, 100’s of teens in the Bay Area, older gentlemen at the Elks Club, Cub Scout packs and more.  I try to share my enthusiasm in a unique way that will help my audience have a desire to jump on board.  


I was blessed to be a board member of the Pottstown History Society before moving west.  The information and understanding that I gleaned from those board members have helped me to stay on course


I know that we are all a part of a world family.  We all share the same DNA from someone whose power and watchful eye is over us all.  As I dig into who I really am and who my ancestors are that have shaped me, I begin to find fulfillment, purpose and peace within my own heart.  


You to can have these same feelings of belonging as you jump into family history and begin your own journey.  


Don’t jump ship yet, let’s climb aboard the Family History Life ship and set sail on an unforgettable voyage to find our treasured ancestors.